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School is an institution that provides a good and proper learning space and surrounding for your child's overall development. Good Educating minds can contribute towards a better-developing nation; therefore, a requirement of trained, certified faculty and technically updated educational institutions is a necessity of today's time.


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School labs provide an ideal space for students to expand their minds and understand the theoretical concept of Science, Mathematics, and Computers better and quickly. A Laboratory is considered an essential and relevant part of understanding a subject through learning by doing. Our school is equipped with a well-updated and fully functional Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics Laboratory for the students for a better practical approach to the subject. 


All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy" is the modern saying which signifies the importance of sports in a child's development. Sports not only make you physically and mentally fit but also helps you to build up qualities like leadership, Sharing, Cooperation, Patience, and Multitasking. Our school has a large playground and sports courts for various sports like Cricket, football, Badminton, and Volleyball with properly equipped sports articles and trained certified instructors.


For students' overall growth, we emphasize various activities and competitions that help them to conceive life working skills like problem-solving, Logical reasoning, Critical Thinking, Good Communication, and Collaborative abilities. Our school organizes activities for pre-primary to senior secondary level children, which include co-curricular activities like fine arts, singing, dancing, debates, calligraphy, science exhibitions, fares and carnivals, sports events, and many more.

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